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The Journey Continues

After 60 years and more than 10 million Jake Brakes® on the road, the journey continues with advanced engine brakes and emissions solutions. 

The Journey Continues
Long Live the Jake Brake

At Jacobs Vehicle Systems, we don’t stop.

Year after year, we provide commercial vehicle OEMs around the world with engine braking and valve actuation advances that help them put market-leading trucks on the road.

Working side-by-side with our customers, we design and manufacture solutions that help them meet changing regulations, stay ahead of competitors, and deliver better driving experiences.

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Working with us

In close collaboration with commercial vehicle OEMs, we create solutions that meet the challenges of expanding markets, evolving expectations, and region-specific regulations.

Jacobs High Power Density HPD Engine Brake


From inventing compression release technology to developing next-gen valve trains and advanced braking systems, we continue to raise the performance levels of commercial vehicles.

Global Capabilities — India

Global capabilities

Jacobs is the partner that the world's leading truck and engine OEMs work with to find solutions for regionally distinct technology challenges, road conditions, safety requirements, and government regulations.

Customer partnerships

JVS Partner: C&C Trucks
JVS Partner: CAMC Trucks
JVS partner: Caterpillar
JVS Partner — CNHTC
JVS partner: Cummins
JVS partner: DAF
JVS Partner: Daimler
JVS partner — DCEC
JVS partner — Detroit
JVS partner — Deutz
JVS partner — DFM
JVS partner: Doosan
JVS Partner — FAW
JVS Partner — Ford Otosan
JVS Partner — Foton
JVS Partner — Freightliner
JVS partner — Fuso
JVS partner — Hino
Hunan Deutz Power Logo
JVS partner — Hyundai
JVS partner — International
JVS partner — Isuzu
JVS partner — Mercedes Benz - Daimler
JVS partner — MTU
JVS partner — Navistar
JVS partner — Paccar
JVS partner — Peterbilt
JVS partner — Renault Trucks
JVS partner — SDEC
JVS Partner — Volvo
JVS partner — Weichai
JVS partner — Western Trucks
JVS partner — Cummins Xi'an
JVS Partner — Y&C Engine
JVS partner — Yuchai
9 Million Engine Brakes & Counting

Nightmare Ride Leads to 60 Years of Engine Braking History

Jacobs News Headlines with 60th anniversary logo
Beyond Braking

Leveraging our proven technologies for non-braking applications in the field, forest and sea

Red tractor in field
Get It Hot, Keep It Hot

Improving Emissions, Fuel Economy & Exhaust Thermal Management

Get It Hot, Keep It Hot
Bridge to Alternatives

Enabling alternative fuel solutions to bridge towards a zero-emission market

Hydrogen Truck