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Management Team

JVS has a long and successful history of providing the highest level of Quality, Delivery, Service and overall Value to our customers, globally, for nearly 60 years. As a tribute to our longevity, JVS reached another milestone this year with the production of our 6 Millionth engine brake.

During this time we have developed unique processes in hydraulics, precision machining, motion, valve timing and electronics applied to engines and vehicles.  The foundation of our success is based on four Core Values that drive our business today and will continue into the future…

  • We build extraordinary teams for extraordinary results
  • Kaizen is our way of life
  • Customer success inspires our innovation
  • We compete for shareholders

As we continue our journey, increased demand for our products and technologies is coming from new geographies requiring us to evolve our portfolio and customer services to meet the high level of expectation from these markets.

We are excited to announce a new initiative at JVS which was developed to highlight our competencies and capabilities that have helped to drive our success over the years.  The result was JVS Engineering.  This is a group inside JVS that takes on engineering challenges not necessarily related to engine braking and is a means of starting conversations that will lead to relevant technology and manufacturing programs.  Take a moment to see what JVS Engineering is all about.

Our brand and reputation are important to us, so you can count on JVS to provide solutions based on proven technologies and demonstrated reliability.  We also strive to be good citizens and neighbors, so we develop our products and processes with consideration given to their impact on the environment and those we share it with.

On behalf of all of us at Jacobs, thank you for your support and interest in our company and our products.  Don’t hesitate to contact us in any way if we can be of assistance.


Our Team

Steve Ernest Jacobs Vehicle Systems

Steve Ernest Vice President, Engineering and Business Development

Steve Ernest is the Vice President, Engineering and Business Development.

Steve originally joined Jacobs in 1996 as a Development Engineer.  Since then, he has held roles of increasing responsibility with his last engineering assignment being the Director of Technology Development.    

Prior to joining Jacobs, he held various positions of increasing responsibility as part of the Cummins Engine Company.

Steve holds a B.S. from Southern Illinois University and an M.S. from Purdue University.


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Sebastian Hatch

Sebastian Hatch Vice President, Global Operations

Prior to joining Jacobs Vehicle Systems, Sebastian was Director of Plant Operations at the Veeder-Root, Altoona, PA plant. He joined the Danaher family in 2011 as a Focus Factory Manager for Veeder-Root and transitioned into the Director role in 2013.

Before his time within Danaher, Sebastian's experience includes more than ten years in roles at Nissan Automotive and Visteon.

Sebastian holds both Bachelors and Masters degrees in Industrial Engineering (BSIE and MBA) from Mississippi State University.


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Jay Handel

Jay Handel Vice President, Finance

Jay joined Jacobs in March 2012 as Controller. Jay also spent time as Director, FP&A prior to being appointed Finance Director and was then promoted to Vice President, Finance in December 2016.

Prior to joining the JVS team, Jay held finance or audit positions with Stanley, Black & Decker and PwC.  

He holds a B.A. from Eastern Connecticut State University and is a Certified Public Accountant.



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William Wang

William Wang General Manager, China

William has been in the Chinese automotive industry for more than 20 years with experiences in sales, marketing, product planning and M&A business development.

William has been in the Chinese automotive industry for more than 20 years with experiences in sales, marketing, product planning and M&A business development.  Prior to joining the JVS team, William worked for Fiat Group China, Knorr-Bremse China, General Manager China Group and SKF China.  

William joined Jacobs in March, 2011 as the General Manager in China.

William holds a Bachelor of Engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China and receives his MBA from Webster University in US.


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Our Team

Our Story

Although the Jacobs Engine Brake has been on the market since 1961, the need for it was terrifyingly demonstrated to its inventor Clessie L. Cummins, some thirty years earlier. In August of 1931, himself, Ford Moyer, and Dave Evans driving a Cummins diesel powered Indiana truck from New York to Los Angeles...

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