Demonstrating significant braking advantages for CNG engines

OEM development programs and trials in Europe and Asia prove Jacobs’ HPD is superior to traditional compression release braking and well-suited to engines with CNG as well as diesel.

Jacobs on the road in Europe
High density power drivers in Europe

At Jacobs Vehicle Systems®, we don’t stop.

Year after year, we provide commercial vehicle OEMs around the world with engine braking and valve actuation advances that help them put market-leading trucks on the road.

Working side-by-side with our customers, we design and manufacture solutions that help them meet changing regulations, stay ahead of competitors, and deliver better driving experiences.


JVS's Compression Release Brake Technology

Increasing productivity with safer, faster trip times

The Jacobs’ compression release brake reduces foundation brake load by turning your diesel engine into a power-absorbing air compressor.

Jacobs' High Power Density system rendering

100% increase in braking power with conventional or alternative fueled engines

Jacobs High Power Density® technology offers reduced package and mass as compared to other vehicle retarding solutions such as hydraulic driveline retarders. This results in increased payload by providing all the vehicle retarding performance you need from the engine.

Jacobs Vehicle Systems Cylinder Deactivation Technology

For improved fuel economy & exhaust thermal management

Jacobs’ Cylinder Deactivation (CDA) helps achieve NOx standards, extended low load cycles, and stringent fuel economy standards.

Customer partnerships

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JVS Global Capabilities

Jacobs’ Global Capabilities

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