Technology Demonstrator

European Technology Demonstrator

Jacobs' Drive the Future demonstrator truck is traveling throughout Europe to show off its High Power Density engine brake which leads to improved productivity and engine braking.

Jacobs European Demonstration Vehicle on the road.

What Does a 100% Increase in Engine Braking Performance Feel Like?

Jacobs High Power Density (HPD) technology generates twice the engine braking power at cruise RPM, and provides you the lightest, most cost-effective, high power vehicle retarding technology available.


  • World-class engine braking power
  • Operates at the engine speeds you use and avoids downshifting during retarding
  • Increased driver confidence and comfort
  • Faster trip times and increased productivity
  • Quicker shifting for better acceleration
  • Compensates for decreased aerodynamic drag and decreased rolling resistance
  • Improved service brake life
  • Compensates for the trend toward lower engine speed operation and specification of smaller displacement engines