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Every region of the world has a different set of standards for its commercial vehicle industry. With almost 60 years of market-specific design, engineering, and manufacturing experience, Jacobs Vehicle Systems® is the global partner that the world's leading truck and engine OEMs turn to for engine braking and valve actuation technologies—technologies that help them solve market and regulatory requirements such as meeting safety and emission standards.

JVS' Global Capabilities


Cost-effective technology for when "good enough" just isn't.

Jacobs Vehicle Systems has developed best-in-class engine braking technologies for clients across China, including CAMC, CNHTC, DCEC, DFCV, FAW, SDEC, Weichai, XCEC, Y&C, and Yuchai. Our engine brake technologies provide the superior performance worthy of China’s best trucks. We work closely with engine manufacturers to develop solutions and provide the most cost-effective technology possible.

Harbort Wu
Director, Business Development and Engineering-Asia
+86 138 166 16470

Global Capabilities — China


The world's best trucks deserve the world's best engine brakes.

Our engineers work closely, at the earliest stages of development, with engine manufacturers across Europe, including DAF, Daimler, Deutz, Renault Trucks, and Volvo. Jacobs develops integrated solutions to solve engineering challenges and improve the overall performance of the world's best trucks. In 2019, Jacobs will open a local assembly facility in the Czech Republic to offer our European customers a responsive, hands-on experience.

The next generation engine brake, High Power Density® (HPD®) is available for test drives throughout Europe, through our dedicated HPD Demonstration Truck. Our demonstration schedule and registration form can be found at

Hilko Schmitt
Manager Global Marketing and Business Development
+33 6 79 08 93 40

Global Capabilities — Europe


Powering innovation in a developing market.

New, higher speed limits designed to reduce congestion in a rapidly developing country pose road safety and efficiency challenges for fleets across India. With overloaded trucks unable to maintain increased speeds for shorter trip times, or comply with regulatory braking requirements, Jacobs’ engineers are introducing the advantages of engine braking. Jacobs’ technology increases productivity by providing enhanced vehicle control in India’s tough terrain, reduced downtime, and decreased overall cost of ownership. This technology supports the regulatory requirements while delivering superior value to the end customers.

Download Jacobs' "Introduction to Engine Braking" guide.

Vinod Ajankar
Head — Business Development India
+91 96577 19543

Global Capabilities — India


Technology and collaboration to power emerging markets.

Working with our Japanese partners, Jacobs Vehicle System has developed exhaust, compression release, and High Power Density brakes as well as other valve actuation systems that are making Japan’s trucks competitive and safer for an international market. Hino, Isuzu, Mitsubishi/Daimler, and other partners collaborate with our engineers early in the development process. Together we develop engine brakes and valve actuation systems with a winning combination of power, weight, reliability, and cost.

Hiroshi Abe
Japan Country Manager
+011 81 0 90 3095 4729

Global Capabilities — Japan


A trusted partner for the great engines of tomorrow.

Korean engine manufacturers have long understood the advantage of working with Jacobs. For both high-performance and high-reliability, both Hyundai and Dooson, have relied on Jacobs’ technology to help make great advancement possible. Our partnerships begin during the concept stage, long before new models of buses or trucks are ready for market. Working together, we find the appropriate balance of power, weight and cost to drive success. See how our latest technology can work for you.

Yung Yeal, Lee
Korea Independent Representative
+82 0 10 9231 9523

Global Capabilities — Korea

North America

Elevating commercial vehicle performance all over the world.

Since 1961, Jacobs Vehicles Systems has provided innovative, safe, and reliable solutions to the commercial vehicle industry. Today, you can find Jacobs’ technologies across the globe. Collaborating with OEM teams such as Cummins, Daimler, International, and PACCAR from the early stages of concept development through deployment of final integrated solutions, our engineering teams help meet the ever-changing demand for efficient and reliable trucks.

Bill Cortright
Director of Commercial Operations
+1 860 243 7616

Global Capabilities — North America