Technology Demonstrator

North American Technology Tour

Jacobs' Drive the Future demonstrator truck is traveling throughout North America to show off its latest technologies which lead to improved productivity, engine braking, and emissions.

Jacobs' Drive the Future truck on the road

Jacobs New Technologies Hit the Road

After demonstrating Jacobs' High Power Density® (HPD®) Engine Brake across Europe, Jacobs' HPD technology, as well as its Active Decompression Technology® (ADT®), will be hitting the road in North America.  Fleets will have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of Jacobs' demo truck to experience the increased braking performance of HPD over traditional compression release engine brakes, especially while driving in a lower rpm range.  They will also have the opportunity to test ADT which offers drivers smoother start-ups with faster starting times and engine shutdown without engine-induced cabin vibration. 

Demo Technologies

Jacobs High Power Density HPD Engine Brake

High Power Density

The constant evolution of engine, powertrain, and complete vehicle technology requires an engine brake that can answer increased retarding demands.  To meet these and future demands, Jacobs developed the High Power Density engine brake.


  • World-class engine braking power
  • Operates at the engine speeds you use and avoids downshifting during retarding
  • Increased driver confidence and comfort
  • Faster trip times and increased productivity
  • Quicker shifting for better acceleration
  • Compensates for decreased aerodynamic drag and decreased rolling resistance
  • Improved service brake life
  • Compensates for the trend toward lower engine speed operation and specification of smaller displacement engines
Jacobs Active Decompression Technology

Active Decompression Technology

Jacobs’ Active Decompression Technology (ADT) allows drivers to experience smoother start-ups with faster starting times and engine shutdown without engine-induced cabin vibration.


  • Eliminates engine-shutdown-induced cabin vibration
  • Improves driver satisfaction
  • Increases engine cranking speed for easier start-up
  • Improves cold start
  • Lowers cranking torque & current draw
  • Reduces starter system wear
  • Reduces crank and bearing starting loads and wear
  • Simple, cost-effective design
  • Compliments start-stop fuel savings strategies
  • Increases driver willingness to use optional start-stop