Technology Demonstrator

North American Technology Tour

Jacobs' Drive the Future demonstrator truck is traveling throughout North America to show off its latest technologies which lead to improved productivity, engine braking, and emissions.

Jacobs Demonstration Vehicle

Jacobs New Technologies on the Road

Jacobs' demo truck equipped with Cylinder Deactivation, as well as Active Decompression Technology® (ADT®), hit the road in North America in 2022.  Fleets, drivers, and OEMs will have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of Jacobs' demo truck to experience Jacobs latest valvetrain technologies.

Demo Technologies

Jacobs Active Decompression Technology

Active Decompression Technology

Jacobs’ Active Decompression Technology (ADT) allows drivers to experience smoother start-ups with faster starting times and engine shutdown without engine-induced cabin vibration.


  • Eliminates engine-shutdown-induced cabin vibration
  • Faster transition from eMotor to ICE in hybrid vehicles
  • Improves driver satisfaction
  • Increases engine cranking speed for easier start-up
  • Improves cold start
  • Lowers cranking torque & current draw
  • Reduces starter system wear
  • Reduces crank and bearing starting loads and wear
  • Simple, cost-effective design
  • Compliments start-stop fuel savings strategies
  • Increases driver willingness to use optional start-stop
Jacobs Vehicle Systems Cylinder Deactivation Technology

Cylinder Deactivation

CDA leverages  Jacobs’ well-established componentry to disable engine valves in selected cylinders which allows a large engine to have the fuel economy of a smaller engine. Also, higher exhaust temperatures in operating cylinders maintain aftertreatment temperatures at low load conditions and start-up.

  • A key technology for meeting upcoming emissions standards
  • Fuel economy improvements through reduced pumping losses and friction
  • Faster engine and aftertreatment system warm-up
  • Improves combustion and fuel consumption in firing cylinders
  • Improves emissions by keeping the aftertreatment system hot during low load operation
  • Minimizes cooling of aftertreatment during coasting
  • Hydraulically actuated mechanism integrates into pushrod, rocker, or bridge
  • Modular with High Power Density® (HPD®) and compression release engine brake technology
  • Mechanism is capable of individual cylinder control and dynamically switchable between cylinders
  • An optional feature of Jacobs® Lost Motion VVA