Jacobs Adopts-A-Spot in Bloomfield

October 16, 2018
A group of Jacobs employees and Blue Hills Fire Department fire fighters in front of a fire truck after planting flowers.

On a rainy Saturday in October, a team of nine from the Jacobs Employee Services Committee, in a partnership with the Bloomfield Beautification Committee (BBC), participated in the "Adopt-A-Spot" program. In an effort to support our community and in appreciation for their service, the Blue Hills Fire Department was chosen as our adopted garden.

Special thanks to Sharon Mann with the BBC who designed a beautiful garden plan and arranged with local nurseries to obtain the plants and mulch. Sharon, working with her husband, David Mann (a Bloomfield Councilman) and the Bloomfield Department of Public Works, prepared the area for planting in the front of the fire department. The Jacobs team planted and mulched in the rain and mud to transform the grounds of the fire department into a beautiful garden.

Jacobs will continue to maintain this spot by weeding and pruning and general maintenance to keep the gardens looking presentable.