Kivi Bros: "Jake Brakes are crucial to traveling safely"

November 3, 2021
Kivi Bros Heavy Haul Truck

"It can start with a payload as heavy as 170,000 lbs. Add in the specialized equipment needed to haul that load, and you’re talking about an oversize combination with a 260,000-lb GCW. Then, consider needing to transport it anywhere in the lower 48 states, Alaska, or Canada on an exact schedule over a carefully planned route. For some carriers, that might sound like a daunting task. For Kivi Bros Trucking, it’s all in a day’s work."

“When you’re hauling a 260,000-lb-GCW load, especially on downhill mountain grades, Jake Brakes are crucial to traveling safely,” Kivi stated. “They are a first line of defense. Without them, we’d have to run in a lower gear and use the service brakes more often, which can cause a safety issue because it risks overheating and a possible runaway truck. In the long run, engine brakes help extend foundation brake life, and improve safety.”

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Photo: Kivi Bros Trucking