In the News: Average Price of Diesel Rises

March 25, 2019

Transport Topics recently spoke to Robb Janak, Director of New Technology at Jacobs, about improving fuel efficiency and reducing NOx with the latest technologies from Jacobs such as Cylinder Deactivation and Variable Valve Actuation.  

Meanwhile, one commercial vehicle supplier executive said in-engine technology is under development that can further reduce smog-forming nitrogen oxide emissions while also improving fuel efficiency in diesel engines — as California moves to be the first to toughen the current NOx standard.

The Bloomfield, Conn.-based company is working on both variable valve actuation and cylinder deactivation for upcoming engines. “An in-engine solution gets rid of a lot of [emissions reduction] complexity, makes the engine more efficient, and makes the rest of the selective catalytic reduction system and diesel particulate filters work better,” Janak said.

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