In the News: HDT Podcast: The Future of Fuel Economy

July 21, 2020
Jacobs Demo Truck

Robb Janak, Jacobs' director of new technology, spoke with Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine's Jim Park to discuss the upcoming 2024 and 2027 greenhouse gas reduction targets. In Season 3, Episode 2 of the HDT podcast, Jim, Robb, and other guests discuss The Future of Fuel Economy.

"Sometime later this year the first of the GHG 2021 trucks will hit dealer lots. To meet the first round of GHG reduction targets, these trucks will be fitted mostly with existing fuel saving technology: aero devices, low-rolling resistance tires, etc. To meet the 2024 and 2027 targets, truck makers may need to get a bit more aggressive in their use of advanced technologies." - Jim Parks, Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine

Listen to the podcast here or where ever you get your podcasts: