In the News: The Symphony turns 60!

December 1, 2021

New Zealand Trucking is celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Jake Brake: "It could be described as the sound of our people. If you claim to be a true truck buff, yet fail to spin around in anticipation the instant you hear ‘that sound’, you’re about as committed as Jacinda A is to the National Party conference. This year, our venerable old mate, the Jacobs Engine Brake, celebrates 60 years of slowing us all up.

"There have been some milestone events in the modern truck’s evolution, things that have made a driver’s lot so much easier – diesel power, tilt cabs, radial, steel-belted, and tubeless tyres among them. In more modern times, central tyre inflation, LED lights, and the plethora of safety apparatus must surely feature high on the list. But none have resonated through history like the compression brake Clessie Cummins built.

"It was released to the world in 1961, and in hindsight, this wonderful mechanism turned out to be so much more than a driving aid to early linehaul truckers. It played a significant sensory contribution to the DNA of a new, immensely capable and majestic generation of trucks – trucks that successfully enticed a legion of youth toward their cabs."

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