In the News: Using Technology To Improve Diesel Engine Efficiency

February 2, 2022
Jacobs Cylinder Deactivation Hardware

Hear from Jacobs' director of new technology, Robb Janak, in his latest contribution to Fleet Equipment Magazine.

"There is no denying that there is much excitement about developments in the battery electric truck space as the commercial vehicle industry focuses on reducing its negative impact on the environment. But don’t overlook how changes in diesel engines are also making significant green gains and contributing to decarbonization. The reality is that diesel engines have been getting cleaner and cleaner over the past 20-plus years and, according to the Diesel Technology Forum, 49% of all diesel-powered commercial vehicles in the U.S. are now fueled by clean diesel technology.

"Two of the latest diesel technologies that Jacobs Vehicle Systems has been working on to reduce NOx and CO2 emissions, for example, are variable valve actuation (VVA) and cylinder deactivation (CDA) are two of the most promising ways to achieve the twofold goal of increased fuel efficiency and lower emissions."

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