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In the News: CDA and VVA for Heavy Duty Diesel

Steve Ernest and Hilko Schmitt recently spoke with Lawrence Butcher from Engine and Powertrain Technology about Jacobs Cylinder Deactivation and Variable Valve Actuation systems.

In the News: Diesel Engine Cylinder Deactivation Deep Dive

"How much more efficiency can suppliers pull out of new diesel engine development? It turns out a lot. Jacobs Vehicle Systems recently announced validation tests of its cylinder deactivation technology paired with developments from Tula Technology, a California based company that specializes in combustion control and software, that showed marked improvement in NOx reduction and fuel efficiency.  Just how much?" - Jason Morgan, Fleet Equipment Magazine

In the News: HDT Podcast: The Future of Fuel Economy

Robb Janak, Jacobs' director of new technology, spoke with Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine's Jim Park to discuss the upcoming 2024 and 2027 greenhouse gas reduction targets. In Season 3, Episode 2 of the HDT podcast, Jim, Robb, and other guests discuss The Future of Fuel Economy.

Jacobs Vehicle Systems Supports CARB’s Latest Guidelines For Heavy Truck Emissions

BLOOMFIELD, CT, USA – Officials at Jacobs Vehicle Systems have reviewed and support the recently proposed emission reduction strategies by the California Air Resources Board to further limit smog-forming nitrogen oxide and particulate emissions from diesel-powered heavy trucks. The projected emission rule will require that new trucks still using fossil fuels have the most effective emission-control technologies currently available.

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