Proven solutions on the road around the world

From inventing compression release technology to developing next-generation valvetrains and advanced engine braking systems, we are continually raising the levels of performance—for power, fuel economy, and reduced emissions—that commercial vehicles can achieve.

Proven technologies around the world

Engine Braking

Since 1961, Jacobs has led the way in designing, testing, and manufacturing high-performing engine brakes for engine OEMs around the world. From Exhaust Brakes to High Power Density® Engine Brakes, Jacobs has a solution for your engine and vehicle application.

Image of HPD
High Power Density Engine Brake
The Evolution of the Engine Brake

Jacobs High Power Density® technology is the lightest, most cost-effective, high-power vehicle retarding technology available.

image of Compression Release Engine Brake
Compression Release Engine Brake
Increasing Productivity With Safer, Faster Trip Times

The Jacobs Compression Release Engine Brake reduces foundation brake load by turning your diesel engine into a power absorbing air compressor.

Lashless Valvetrain with Engine Braking
Fulcrum Bridge & Spring Bridge

Jacobs Lashless Technology improves performance and efficiency while eliminating the need to adjust valve lash.

image of Bleeder Brake
Bleeder Brake
Ideal for small engines

Jacobs Bleeder Brake technology offers a braking solution for applications on smaller displacement engines when cost and packaging is a consideration.

image of Exhaust Brake
Exhaust Brake
More slowing power from your horsepower

Jacobs Exhaust Brake® provides additional vehicle braking power by restricting the flow of exhaust gases and increasing back pressure to the engine.

Valvetrain Solutions

Jacobs advanced valvetrain technologies help OEMs around the world meet regulations by optimizing the engine and aftertreatment systems to improve emissions, fuel economy, and exhaust thermal management.

image of Cylinder Deactivation
Cylinder Deactivation
For improved fuel economy & exhaust thermal management

Jacobs’ Cylinder Deactivation (CDA) helps achieve stringent NOx and fuel economy standards, even during extended low load cycles.

image of 2-step variable actuation
2-Step Variable Valve Actuation
For exhaust thermal management, engine performance & emissions

Jacobs 2-Step VVA meets future transient emissions and fuel economy targets with minimal change to the base engine and aftertreatment system.

image of variable valve actuation
Variable Valve Actuation
For meeting future emissions & fuel economy targets

Jacobs Variable Valve Actuation and control systems bring you an entire suite of solutions to help achieve performance, fuel economy, and emissions targets. This can range from fully-flexible valvetrains to very specific, targeted variability.

image of active decompression technology
Active Decompression Technology
For Start-up and shutdown engine strategies

Jacobs ADT® allows drivers to experience smoother start-ups with faster starting times and engine shutdown without engine-induced cabin vibration.