Bleeder Brake

Our Bleeder Brake technology offers a braking solution for applications on smaller displacement engines and those with low load-carrying ability.  

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Performance benefits of the Jacobs® Bleeder Brake

  • Increases vehicle control
  • Lower-cost engine brake option ideal for smaller engines with packaging constraints
  • Reduces wear on the engine, tires, wheel ends, and service brakes
  • Quiet operation, so it can be used wherever and whenever needed
  • Design flexibility to work with most engines
  • Low added weight
  • No camshaft required
  • Use with a backpressure mechanism such as an exhaust brake or VGT for maximum performance
Bleeder brake performance summary

How the Jacobs Bleeder Brake works

The Jacobs Bleeder Brake is a simplified version of our traditional engine brakes. When it is turned on, a piston extends to its full stroke and stays there, holding the exhaust valve open a small, fixed distance throughout the entire four-stroke engine cycle. Since the Bleeder Brake only holds the exhaust valve open a fixed distance, it can be designed so that it does not put any load on the camshaft and most of the overhead components. This makes the Bleeder Brake an ideal technology for smaller diesel engines.

The Bleeder Brake can be used in combination with either a VGT or an exhaust brake to provide back pressure and optimize the retarding performance. The result of this combination is retarding performance comparable to a traditional compression release engine brake with a noise level similar to an exhaust brake.

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