Exhaust Brakes

Jacobs Exhaust Brake® provides additional vehicle braking power by restricting the flow of exhaust gases and increasing back pressure to the engine.  The exhaust brake can be used alone or in conjunction with other Jacobs braking technologies.

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JVS's Exhaust Brakes Technology

Performance benefits of Jacobs Exhaust Brake

  • Improved downhill vehicle control
  • A must for towing, providing "peace of mind" to the driver
  • Helps foundation brakes last three times longer, quickly paying for itself
  • Designed, engineered and tested to OEM specifications


Exhaust brake power graph

How Jacobs Exhaust Brake works

By increasing backpressure to the engine, the exhaust brake forces the pistons to push against additional force during the exhaust stroke, slowing the crankshaft’s rotation and helping to control the vehicle speed. Overall, this requires less use of the service brakes, giving them a longer life and reducing overall cost of ownership.

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Download this information package for more details and technical information about the Jacobs Exhaust Brake.