Variable Valve Actuation

Jacobs Variable Valve Actuation and control systems bring you an entire suite of solutions to help achieve performance, fuel economy and emissions targets. This can range from fully-flexible valvetrains to very specific, targeted variability. 

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JVS' Variable Valve Actuation Technology

Performance benefits of Jacobs® VVA

  • Lowers emissions
  • Optimizes fuel consumption
  • Improves transient response
  • Aftertreatment temperature management
  • Individual cylinder control
  • Ease of integration
  • Cycle-to-cycle response time
  • Variable compression ratio
  • Infinite braking modulation
  • Mechanical valve life with no oil as a configurable option
  • Scalable from automotive, medium, and heavy duty diesel or natural gas engines to large diesel or natural gas engines
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How Jacobs VVA works

Variable Valve Actuation allows real-time adjustments to valve opening and closing, maintaining accurate control of valve motion. By creating a hydraulic link between the cam and the valve, VVA precisely tunes the engine across its operating range. This allows the engine designer to extract superior performance from the engine.

VVA is one of an engineer’s most powerful and cost-effective tools for accomplishing vehicle system performance goals: meeting tightening fuel economy standards while maintaining emissions and lowering overall engine systems costs. Elegant in its simplicity, Jacobs’ VVA provides a means to achieve desired valve movement, integrating with minimal impact to engine overhead designs.

Jacobs technology in the news
Jacobs launches simplified 2-step VVA for cost-efficient performance

Early or late intake valve closing reduces fuel consumption, optimizes compression ratio versus load, improves transient response and start-up, and improves emissions by keeping the aftertreatment system hot during low load operation.

JVS's 2-Step Variable Valve Actuation Technology

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