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New Technology

New Technology

Today, Jacobs Vehicle Systems® provides total engine overhead solutions that improve performance and reliability in every engine brake. Our engineers work closely with global engine manufacturers to integrate Jacobs technology at the earliest stages of development for the greatest possible impact.

As the market demands higher and more efficient performance, Jacobs is on the forefront of developing technologies to meet these challenges. Our engineers are working on groundbreaking technologies in high power density and variable valve actuation technologies. Contact Us to learn more.



Solutions for Tomorrow

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Latest News

Jacobs 1.5 Stroke High Power Density Engine Brake

Jacobs Introduces 1.5 Stroke HPD (High Power Density) Engine Brake

A new version of Jacobs’ innovative braking technology is part of a common modular design frame of compression release brakes that can be specified according to customer engine characteristics and adapted to local market requirements.

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